We have an individual approach to our customers, based on competence and quality.

Hans Versluis

Involved and Competent

As accountants we are financial specialists and we have the knowledge of all kinds of business processes and a lot of experience with (legal) audits. But to us having true knowledge about our client is just as important; staying up-to-date on developments and changes. Having a permanent insight in our clients (financial) performances gives us the opportunity to proactively advice in all financial and operational management, investment plans and private development. Not only as a (financial) specialist or auditor, but even more as a sparring partner.

We can achieve this by taking sufficient time for our clients and have open and clear communication. In this way we can customize our service on the clients specific needs. Tailor-made. We are convinced this approach leads to top quality.

We are a team of experienced and professional (assistant) accountants specialized in serving medium-sized companies and non-profit organisations.

Our team


Accountant (RA)

As chartered accountant (RA) Hans started the firm in 1999. Although the quality requirements are tightened since then, he still attaches great value to personal contact. Hans is born on December 22, 1970.

Ruth Kromwijk

Accountant (AA)

Ruth combines her motherhood with her job as accountant in a balanced way. She is accounting consultant (AA) since 2011. By her open attitude and communication our relations enjoy working with her. She started working at the firm in 2007.


Assistant Accountant

Nathan joined our team in the end of 2017. He gained practical experience at a big accountancy firm and as financial manager at a non-profit organisation. Now Nathan is studying accountancy at Breda.

van Harten

Office Manager / payroll

Wendy is alert, keen and surprising. This makes her general role a unique contribution to the firm. She is also a carefull and accurate payroll administrator.


Assistant accountant

Corina is an experienced and skilled assistant. She has a lot of experience in performing audits on not profit organisations as well as in compiling annual accounts.


Assistant accountant

Mark is our youngest administrative assistent who intends to develop himself as accountant. He studies HBO Accountancy at Breda and is gaining wide experience in his job at our firm. He joined the team in May 2018.

Annelie de Hoop

Assistant accountant

In 2021 Annelie started at the company. Her intention is to continue after she graduates.

We look forward to see her further development.


Assistant accountant

Give Jens a concrete assignment and he will get the job done. Compiling or audit, he is available!

He started as an assistent at our firm in 2018.

Temporary staff

Besides our permanent team we have a select group of working students and external staff.

Currently these are David Janse and Laura Versluis.