Versluis Accountancy

As accountants we are financial specialists and we have the knowledge of all kinds of business processes and a lot of experience with (legal) audits. But to us having true knowledge about our client is just as important; staying up-to-date on developments and changes. Having a permanent insight in our clients (financial) performances gives us the opportunity to proactively advice in all financial and operational management, investment plans and private development. Not only as a (financial) advisor or auditor, but even more as a sparring partner.

We can achieve this by taking sufficient time for our clients and have open and clear communication. In this way we can customize our service on the clients specific needs. Tailor-made. We are convinced this approach leads to top quality.

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High Quality Standards

We have an AFM license for performing legal audits

We have a membership of the SRA, an association of accountancy firms in the Netherlands

We apply smart automation by working with Exact Online business software.

We have a membership of the NBA, the professional body for accountants in the Netherlands.

Our Specialists

Hans Versluis
Ruth Kromwijk
Corina Verstoep


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Wendy van Harten

Ensuring that your business and investments meet your personal goals.