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Administration and Taxing

Versluis Accountancy

We are a company small enough for our clients and our people to feel special, and big and well (international) connected enough to provide top class service and advice. We build strong relationships with our clients. We ensure that we understand their needs and goals and their financial affairs and businesses so that we can provide relevant recurring services and, when required, one-off special services.

Unlike most small firms, we do audits. We have an AFM licence for performing legal audits. Our knowledge and experience gives Versluis Accountancy an excellent position to perform audits on not-profit organisations and medium sized companies.

Versluis Accountancy has adequately implemented the measures to improve the quality and independence of audits in the Netherlands as presented in the report “In the Public Interest”.

Safeguarding the public interest is monitored within our organisation and quality and professional scepticism are our core values.


We co-operate with lawyers and tax advisors. We get our information from Van Heugten & Dekker Belastingadviseurs in Veenendaal.

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